Download T.O.V.A. Software

1. Download the latest T.O.V.A. software

Enter your T.O.V.A. USB device serial number and click 'Submit' to download the latest software for your T.O.V.A. System.
Serial number: (Appears on the bottom of your black T.O.V.A. device.)

This will give you the installer file (with .pkg or .exe file extension.)  Note: The installer is a large file (about 300 MB) so you will need a good internet connection. 

2. Close all applications

Close the T.O.V.A. and any other programs that are currently open (It’s a good practice to do this before installing any new application).

3. Run the installer

Start the installation process. Similar to when you first installed the T.O.V.A., it might ask for your permission as an administrator and prompt you to accept the license agreement.

4. Open the T.O.V.A. application

Once the installation is complete, you can open and run the T.O.V.A. application.

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