I already have T.O.V.A. 9 hardware, do I need another kit for my research project?

You may install the T.O.V.A. software on as many computers as you wish. Your T.O.V.A. test credits are stored on your T.O.V.A. hardware, so you can simply take the hardware with you when you go to your research site, and simply plug it in to the computer when you are ready to collect data.

If you are using the T.O.V.A. External Audio/Video (EAV) hardware setup, it will be more difficult and time consuming to move your T.O.V.A. hardware between computers. In this case, we recommend purchasing another T.O.V.A. kit.

If you have multiple sites at which you are collecting data, please do take pains to keep your data files well backed-up and organized!

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